Cold weather rule live from October 15 in Minnesota

From October 15, 2013, the cold weather rule in Minnesota comes into place. The rule is nothing but just a reminder to all people who have trouble paying energy bills. It states that the cold weather rule will help all residents to not get disconnected with the service during winters. This will further require them to take some steps so that some protection is ensured.

The rule states that from October 15 to April 15, energy to customers is provided so that they do not have any service disconnection. This is brought to residents with a view to not allow disconnection that will further affect the customer’s primary heating source.

The customers who are eligible commit to a monthly payment that will not exceed 10 percent of the total household income. Also in order to avoid disconnection, the customers will receive a notice of proposed disconnection. This will require them to contact the authorities so that a payment plan is committed by them. For residents many private firms are providing the local community energy assistance programs as well when they require one.

The rule is set up to help customers who are unable to pay their gas bill in all respects. It provides customers extra protection and does not completely stop the winter connections. The rule further defines:

  1. What can be done when one gets a notice of proposed disconnect
  2. What can be done when you are disconnected from the connection and want reconnection of a gas service?

What happens after a person applies? If one keeps the cold weather rule payment plan then you feel protected from disconnection and will be reconnected if you are already disconnected.

The rule is devised by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. During the aforesaid tenure in winters when one satisfies certain parameters then it is certain that the residential gas service cannot be disconnected at all.

The requirements are as listed under:

  • When utility disconnection affects your primary heat source
  • Your inability to pay is declared on forms provided by the utility
  • If you have a household income which is less than 50 percent of the level of the state median income
  • And your account is current for the billing period immediately prior to October 15 or a payment schedule entered into and is current with payments.

Above all if one has trouble paying the utility bill there are local agencies. Such agencies provide assistance in payments and provide suggestions like one can call the county in which one lives.


Swiftest Home Selling Reported in 2013

Residential buyers in twin cities were calmed from higher interest rates in the month of August 2013.Also the pending sales saw an increase of 10.9 per cent which was around 5244. Also the sales activity was paving the way to the housing demand with rising prices. However the buyers watched inventory levels for more choices.

home for sale

There was also an increase seen in the number of new listings. The upsurge was till 16.5 percent that showed around 6951 properties in the listings. With this the year-on-year seller’s activity when seen reported a surge for the fifth consecutive time in a row.

Buyers can currently buy from 15773 properties which is around 21.2 percent more compared to January 2013 and around 9.9 per cent fewer than August 2012.

The overall median sales price was also up to 16.9 per cent when compared to August 2012. The price was reported as $208,000.The overall median sales price is a way in which the home prices can be measured to calculate the home prices in a specific region. Mean price and median prices are two separate things and should not be mixed with each other.

Though both are measures of central tendency but they are calculated in a different way. The house falling in the middle of the list provides realtors with the median price in the area. This price also indicates that half of the price will be less than the price and half will be more than it. Compared to August 2012, when a surge was reported in the overall median price, the real cause was a shift in sales type.

In September 2012, short sales and foreclosures reported around 35.8 percent of complete sales activity. In the month of August 2013, the aforesaid segments made around 20.7 percent of all sales. There was also a decline in the percentage of new distressed listings in August. The percent decreased to 17.8 percent which was down from 32.7 percent from the year 2012.

Traditional buyer activity increased 34.7 percent. Here the closed sales were up to 8.9 per cent. Also short sales and foreclosure sales were down to the level of 34.5 and 43.5 per cent respectively. The traditional seller activity was up 42.1 per cent. The new listings were 16.5 per cent up. Foreclosure listings fell to around 31.4 per cent and short sales were down to 46.0 per cent.

Houses are reported to be selling within an average of 70 days which is the fastest in six and a half years.  The sellers are receiving an average of 97 per cent of their original list price which is the highest in a period of seven years.

For more on Minnesota realty news and updates, keep watching this space.

Gear Your Property Towards Chilly Winters

You need to prepare your home or your property  for winters if you stay in Minnesota as and when the weather demands. If the summers are past and the winters are near then you may try to repair your home or property to prepare for the cold months in winter. Hence below are few insights into what should be kept in your home and what should be not. And all this is irrespective of the fact whether you keep your property for sale in Minnesota or not.

One has to make sure that all gutters and downspouts are working properly. The fireplace should have no cracks and the crumbling mortar should be avoided. The gasket needs to be replaced and checked regularly for efficient working. One needs to inspect the siding and the exterior caulking and repair if it’s not functioning properly. The windows and doors need to be storm resistant. They should be checked for cracks and any breakages in glass panels. One should tighten or repair loose damaged frames and repaint them if necessary.

The broken glasses should be mended and replaced. This along with any missing hardware should be taken care of. The door hinges need to be tightened and lubricated so that they stay in movable conditions.  There should be no stripping around windows. Regular checks for stripping around doors also need to be checked. The pump and motor needs to be lubricated quite regularly too.  There should be a forced warm-air heating system. The fan belt tension needs to be checked and adjusted if necessary. The blower blades and motors need to be checked with vacuum heat exchange surfaces being made clean and lubricated once a while.

The parts of it like motor and blower blades needs to be lubricated  too. The burners need to be cleaned  along with ports. The oil burner’s fan and motor bearings are also to be lubricated. The heat sensor thermostat needs to be cleaned with contact points and their accuracy needs to be checked. All parts have to be replaced from time to time so that efficiency is maintained.

The garage doors if exist in your home needs to be cleaned and the hinges have to be lubricated along with rollers and tracks with their screws tightened. The trees in and around the house are required to be trimmed short from the roof of the house or your property.

A Glimpse of The Housing Market report of last year for twin cities

From the year 2007 to the year 2011, the housing market was burdened with properties that were troubled. There was also less demand and an excess supply in the said time period. In the year 2012, the market breathed easy and was recovered.  The housing market was a positive contributor to GDP. mls mn

Some have even indicated that the Federal Reserve policy has lessened the interest rates and as a result of it more than 50 per cent of the houses were purchased. There were some fundamentalists who believed that a decrease in supply and an increase in demand were a cause of it. The reason behind surge in consumer confidence was because of affordable housing rates, rising rent costs and low mortgage rates.

Also other factors that did not slow the buyers from buying properties were natural disasters, sovereign debt crises and fiscal cliffs. As a result, the value for residential properties was high. People who were in worse mortgage situations were benefitted from housing recovery. The rise in prices allowed more sellers to re-enter the market place.

As banks listed less troubled properties with them there were traditional sellers coming back. In the year 2012, residential property owners introduced 65,914 new properties in market. There was a decrease of 3000 units compared to the year 2011.

Throughout the year, buyer recoil remained strong. The demand for housing remained strong too without performance government incentives. The sales were closed to about 16.9 percent to a 48,641 for the year, with only 39.7 being distressed when compared to 50 per cent in the year 2011. Presently buyers exhibit 31.8 percent fewer choices compared to last year. There are many communities who are on the verge of shortage when it comes to housing.

It is vital to withstand a strong housing market and for this private as well as public assistance is required. The complete regaining of the housing market is important and is perilous for the development of a homeland.  For  more information visit us on Minnesota realty

Compare Minnesota Homes for Sale at the Best Locations for You

The home hunters are looking for better deals for home selling and buying in Minnesota, USA.  The price rates have gone little higher for properties located in posh areas of MN. It can be confirmed by comparing regular updates of the MLS listing, which tells you about exact ratings of Minnesota homes for sale at different areas of the town. There are different price rates have been announced by real estate agents for every BHK home in MN. Some of them are listed below:

  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota— $284,888
  • Blaine, Minnesota— $229,888
  • Savage, Minnesota – $ 199,900
  • Maple Grove, Minnesota— $168,900
  • Blaine, Minnesota— $ 161,888
  • Fridley, Minnesota— $139,900
  • North Branch, Minnesota — $149,000
  • Clearwater, Minnesota—$179,900
  • Ham Lake, Minnesota— $235,000
  • Chaska, Minnesota—$379,900
  • Columbia Heights, Minnesota – $125,000

And many more…

Above are a few testimonials for homes available in MN for sale in some highly acclaimed locations of the town.  Compare amid the glut of homes for all kinds like budget homes, luxury homes, cottage homes and rural homes for you. Furthermore, you can check the MLS listing which can give you regular updates about homes for sale in Minnesota ranging from rural to posh areas of the town.

More, you can go through with the latest details of renowned real estate agents announcing the cutoff and current news about price rates and properties for sale and purchase in MN.  The home price may also vary in terms of location, the bedrooms, bathrooms and the type of kitchen available in the home. To compare all explicitly, you may also take the help of home searching tools or engines available on the websites of any real estate agent.

The MN property for sale is available with new price rates announced by pioneer real estate agents of the town. Get the featured homes, shops, apartments and lands in MN at the market oriented price rates. For more info, check the MLS listing and get full fledge details to compare best one for you.

Compare Best Bargain Homes for Sale in Minnesota with MLS Listing and MN Brokers

The MN real estate market is bustling due to a low inventory in MLS listings. However, the upcoming results are impressive in case of finding homes for sale in Minnesota through MLS listing. Interested buyers can compare  MLS listings on websites, like Edina Realty and MN Realty Guide( MLS Listings stands for Multiple Listing Service, which is a regulated database/ source of active homes, like model homes, luxury homes, lake homes, MN foreclosures and commercial real estate listings).

mn properties for sale

Apart from that, you can also get the details of commercial property and lands for sale at different areas of Minnesota. So, whatever property you want to sell and buy in MN, it is important that you get it listed with the MN MLS  – getting yourself a qualified Realtor will ensure this happens.

Of course, you probably heard that the prices of homes for sale in MN are actually making a comeback. In fact, home prices have been steadily on the rise since the beginning of the year due to lower unemployment rates and fewer homes for sale on the market.

This trend is expected to continue for Minnesota real estate.  So, compare the best deals on homes and foreclosure homes in Minnesota by searching an MLS listing website to get an idea of how much the homes are selling for in your favorite area.  But be advised, that the MLS listing price may vary (even greatly) from the actual appraisal value of the home, or the tax assessment value of the home for sale.

Apart from endlessly searching MLS listings, you can also approach MN real estate brokers and agents, who can help you in finding the best deals on properties for sale in Minnesota. Full service brokers and agents can assist you in providing homes in renowned areas of MN, like Andover, Apple Valley, Saint Paul, Buffalo, Burnsville, Blaine, Chaska, Edina, Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Eagan, Savage and many more.

The real estate market leaders of MN can give you full fledge details about homes for sale, whether you are looking to buy in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester, or any of the small towns out in the country.  So, don’t be afraid to consult your local real estate brokers and agents in Minnesota to find out the up and coming areas to buy your next home – they can save you a lot of time searching for properties on your computer!

Avail Best Deals on Home for Sale in Minnesota

The real estate market in Minnesota is offering some splendid offers for potential customers in the market. The home owners and buyers are being offered good opportunities to come together and have a best property deal with each other. Interestingly, the MLS listing has also been updated and has been serving people to meet right party for all kinds of property dealings.

The listing also helps in finding amid the glut of homes for sale like luxury villas, rural homes, cheap homes, budget homes and foreclosure homes as well. All what you want can be searched by the MLS listing with ease. So, do hurry! Few homes are left; otherwise you may miss the chance this time.

The homes for sale in Minnesota deals enable property owners to grab profitable margin against their properties. Meet with right buyer party to sell the home and grab the best worth of your property with ease. But all property owners are advised to do some prior verification work of the buyer or dealer party’s background and authenticity records.

If all aspects come out right and legally, then you may proceed in the process. If you have doubts about the party’s intention or have criminal background records then stop your feet to move ahead. Your property may be going at risky zone. To avoid such conditions, you can also take help of property deals or real estate experts of MN. They can assist you in finding the right party for home selling dealings in a transparent manner. So, you can be a smart trader of your property by availing help of real estate pioneers.

The Minnesota home for sale is a good opportunity for all levels of home buyers and sellers. No matter, if your budget is low, you can apply for budget homes in MN or can go for cheap homes for sale options in the town. All kinds of residences are available for sale. But limited flats are remaining, so interested consumers must do hurry without being late. Besides, the bonanza of foreclosure homes is available to grab by interested consumers. So, you can apply for the desired homes for sale deals in MN and have fun.